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Green Car Wash Program
The Green Car Wash Program is an environmentally friendly way to raise money for your organization, service group, school, or church. Green carwashes can be very lucrative, fun, safe and well-received. Equally important, the Green Car Wash Program eliminates harmful wash water from entering our storm drain system.
Instead of hosting car wash fundraisers in public parking lots, the Green Car Wash Program encourages organizations to partner with professional carwashes that  recycle water and do not discharge soapy wash water into the storm drain system.
When carwashes are held in public parking lots, often harmful pollutants enter a storm drain system. The wastewater flows directly to area rivers and streams. The dirt grime, oil, soap, and other car wash residuals are harmful to fish, wildlife, and plants that grow in and around these waterways.
What can you do to participate????

For Organizers
*Contact Rosamond Community Services District (RCSD) or a Community Car Wash Partner and schedule a fundraiser  date and discuss necessary details.
*Publicize your event. Organize the car wash based on your agreement with  Community Car Wash Partner.  There may be various ways of coordinating this event– the options may vary be provider.
*After event date, contact the car wash and collect a portion of the proceeds from the car wash fundraiser.
For Participating Carwashes
*Become a Community Car Wash Partner by allowing fundraisers to take place at your facility.
*Coordinate event date and arrange for fundraising agreement with fundraising group.
*Track and disburse appropriate funds after event.
Community Car Wash Partners:
Wash Me
2623 Sierra Hwy
Rosamond CA 93560