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Landscaping Workshops

Learn how to beautify your garden and use water more efficiently in these workshops. With landscape and irrigation experts as our guides, we’ll discuss:
Designing a Water-Wise Garden- March 27, 2010

We will focus on sustainable gardening methods to reduce water consumption in the garden. How a garden is designed and laid out originally can make a garden efficient or inefficient. We will focus on xeriscape, topography, and what the homeowner can do to take advantage of existing settings.

Gardening with Natives-April 10, 2010

We will discuss the exciting topic of how to garden with native plants. Learn how to select native plants that do well in a garden setting. Planting techniques and irrigation strategies for the native plant    garden will also be covered

Water Efficient Irrigation Design- May 22, 2010

We will demonstrate how to efficiently design/retrofit your landscape irrigation system using drip, micro and spray heads.

Selecting Plants for a Water-Wise Garden

We will focus on Mediterranean, drought-tolerant and native plants that can bring out sustainable beauty in the garden.

Vegtable Gardens

We will focus on sustainable vegetation in the high desert that can bring out the beauty in the garden.

Composting/ Mulch  


The benefits of Composting. What's the difference between composting and mulch. How to build a compost bin and a compost heap. Hands on Workshop

These classes are FREE.
To sign up and to find out when these classes are available, please call 661-256-3411 Workshops are held at
RCSD, Board Room 3179 35th Street West Rosamond CA 93560